From Massage Therapist to Millionaire*

I have done a few kinds of entrepreneurial activities in my life. I have learned that it is very motivating to engage in some challenge that depends directly on your own efforts. In my twenties, I was a fundraiser for a church program. When we were doing a campaign, the more people I met the more I found the ones that were willing to support the goals of our youth group. When I was a full-time massage therapist, the more people I treated the more income I had for my family. But the monetary result in both roles was limited by the fact that there is only so many people one person can meet or how many clients a therapist can treat in a day.

That said, I was doing OK. But If I had been able to multiply my efforts exponentially, I would have done much better.

All my life there has been this possibility through the internet. It is definitely entreating to think that now, after one of the most important inventions in the world, more people than ever in history have the possibility to become a millionaire. Yet it still takes good old fashion courage and determination to take the first steps.

When I saw one of these ads, I knew that one can not say it is impossible if one has not been courageous enough to try and made the effort to do the research and engaged in some sort of activity.

I came to conclusion that I do not have much to lose if I try but if I do not make that effort I may lose a great opportunity. So I did the research.

Jeff Learner is one of the founders of Entre Institute and has a good idea of what a beginner should do when starting a new online-based business model. This education goes deeper than your basic tools. It is inspiring and gives a good idea of what the internet business model is and what it is not. Here is an introduction bundle that will help you to discover if you got what it takes. I believe I got what it takes and I would encourage you to make an educated decision for your future as well. If you are not happy with the introduction classes, Jeff will refund your purchase. So you do not have anything to lose but so much to gain in knowledge and encouragement for your journey towards a better financial future.

*Becoming a millionaire takes your consistent effort. Whether I become a millionaire depends on my efforts. That said, it is much easier to reach enough customers to become a millionaire by using the internet than only two plain hands.

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